Process – How LightBox completes Web Projects.

Our step-by-step method.

Let’s Get Started

1. Questionnaire

When getting a project started with Lightbox, we ask you to complete a detailed questionnaire that will help us understand your needs for your upcoming web project. We want to be in tune with your needs and your overall goals and learn about your company, audience, and likes and dislikes.


2. Chit-Chat

After we review your questionnaire we are ready to meet with you and discuss your web project in more detail either in-person, over Skype or over the phone. We want this to be an effective and open conversation to solidify custom solutions to your needs and help achieve your goals.


3. Proposal

Once we feel like we know your company and your needs, we sit down and hammer out a proposal. We’ll include different options for pricing, but will still meet all of your needs. Once this proposal has been reviewed and signed we’ll begin your project.


4. Content

Together we’ll begin gathering content for your website, both imagery and text. Whether Lightbox’s design or writing team creates your content or you supply it, with the content selected you will have the foundation for your website giving us the ability to design around it.


5. Design

The design phase is where we take over. Lightbox’s design team uses the information you’ve provided about your company, pairs it with the content and creates a website. We value communication and input during this phase because we aim for 100% satisfaction.


6. Development

The final step, our programming team codes the website and adds animation to further customize your project. After the finishing touches your site will be launched and your project will be complete.


Launch Site




Our team will typically get back to you with more information within the same business day.

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