How to update your Twitter Profile Page

Posted on: September 19th, 2012 by Lauren
Lightbox Studio's New Twitter Profile Page

Lightbox Studio's New Twitter Profile Page


Yesterday Twitter joined the ranks of it’s competitor social networks such as Facebook and Google Plus to now have a header image at the top of their page, which also serves as a nice background for your profile picture, Twitter name and info.

The dimensions for the new header image is 1252×626 px. I’ve heard it doesn’t look very good if you go less than 640 px wide, but I’ve never tried it.

How to change your header on your profile page:

First, visit your profile page, it’s the one labeled “Me”. Click on the Settings button, it’ll look like a little gear on the top right corner of the screen. Next, select “Edit Profile” and then “Header”. From there you can upload as well as edit your brand new header.

Pretty simple, pretty painless and it’ll give your followers something engaging to look at.

Have you seen ours yet? Let us know what you think, just click below to view!

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