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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do you offer payment plans?

    We do! A 50% deposit is due before starting each project and the remaining balance can be split up by project milestones or specific dates. We do require that the total balance be paid before launching your new website and providing you with the files.

  2. A lot of web development companies will not provide me with my project files… will LightBox?

    Absolutely. If you pay for a project it is yours in its entirety. Website files will be provided to you the same day that your project goes live on the web.

  3. Who do you build websites for?

    We make sites for all types of clients, ranging from large businesses to individuals all across the Unites States. We’ve developed for large e-commerce based businesses, startups, most service industries, personal sites and more.

  4. What types of payments do you accept?

    We accept all major credit cards including Visa, American Express, Master Card, Discover. We also accept Paypal, Cash, Checks and Money Orders. Most people prefer to pay online so we can start their project immediately.

  5. Do I have to host with LightBox once my project is complete?

    No. We provide each client their project files so you may host your site elsewhere if you would like. However, we can easily host your files for you so it’s one les thing you need to worry about.

  6. Where are you located?

    We are located in Dallas, Texas, however we work with people all around the U.S.

  7. I’m interested in creating a site like Facebook/Amazon/Youtube/etc. Can you do this?

    Absolutely. We love when client’s bring us their ideas for the next game changing website and will work with you closely to make your vision a reality. Sites like these require close communication, a large amount of custom programming and a fair, but higher, budget than your basic website.

    We have worked on multiple award winning large projects like this that now have a large amount of traffic every day. Let us know if you would like to see what we’ve done for these types of sites more in depth than what our website displays!

  8. How does the project development process go at LightBox?

    When you begin a project with LightBox you will be provided a login to our client management system. From there you will have a step by step process that helps you keep up with how your project is going. We break down the process into phases, like content, design and development. Each step of the way you will be able to see what is being done and be able to chat with our developers through a commenting system. (You can also call of course).

    We try our hardest to make the development process as crystal clear for our clients as possible and continue to come up with even more solutions to do so all the time.

  9. How does the initial project consultation go?

    There are many different types of people that come to us with web ideas, some that deeply understand the web and website development and other who just thought of an idea for that internet thing they saw on Jimmy’s computer once.

    You will get to consult with both Judd (Project Manager) and Josh (Lead Developer) when conveying your project idea to LightBox. That way any questions you may have can be answered immediately and we can help you iterate, or solidify, your ideas.

    Remember that we’re here to help you in any way that we can, including showing you options you have on the web that you may not know about, giving our expert opinions, and helping you streamline your ideas to create something you are proud to show your customers and/or friends. Don’t be afraid to ask questions! We want you to succeed, and the initial consultation is your biggest chance to share your thoughts, get good feedback and explore your options.

  10. How will the proposal & paperwork be handled?

    After understanding your project thoroughly we can give you an accurate proposal for your project. To view and accept your proposal we will give you a login to our client management system so you can review the proposal online, accept it, make your deposit and have your project in the works as soon as possible. Paperwork will all be digital and have the ability to be printed. For those who feel uncomfortable with digital signatures, just let us know and we can have contracts in pen and paper like the good old days!

  11. Can you host our website and register our domain name?

    Yes, we charge a low $15 monthly fee for web hosting and keep the server in tip top shape for you so it is one less thing you have to worry about. “Hosting a website” means keeping your files on a computer that is online 24/7 (a “server”) so people can access your website.

    We can also register your domain for you if you would like. LightBox will never register a domain name for you and try to sell the its rights to you later. When we register a domain name for you it is your domain name.

  12. Collecting your content.

    Content is the #1 importance to any website. Design is like a picture frame for your content. A bad picture in a nice frame is still a bad picture.

    We will require content be made before proceeding with any website and make this as easy for our clients as possible by giving you a space to plan your content, tips for writing web content and optional help from our professional content writers. You want your content to be good!

    We will also format the content for or with you so it looks great and reads well on your new site.

  13. How will you know how to design my website?

    We ask you to provide examples of websites you really like, colors you like, and your competitors’ websites. If you want, you can also have a look at our past work and let us know any website elements you liked and we can incorporate the same for your website. Once you provide that information to us, usually within 2 working days, you get a creative mockup of what your website will look like when it’s completed. At this stage, you and the designer work closely to develop a look that will be both visually pleasing and user-friendly.

  14. I’m not located near Dallas, can I still work with LightBox?

    Absolutely. We actually work with a lot of local clients without ever meeting them. A lot of speople wanting websites are busy people! Between email capabilities, Skype and our built in file sharing, remote communication is even more effective than face to face communication a lot of times. But, we do love meeting our clients in person, so if we have the chance we will.

  15. Do you offer emergency after hours support?

    Yes, we’re easy to get a hold of after hours by email, phone and Skype.

  16. Can you create a logo for our site?

    Yes, we can! A logo is key to branding your site or product, so we make sure that every professional logo we provide is high quality and something you, and we, can be proud of.

  17. Can you help us get listed in the search engines?

    Every site that we create includes our basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) service, including keywording, correct use of page elements and titles so search engines pick up your website. If you are looking to compete for #1 placement we can point you to companies that specifically handle SEO and SEM and do a great job after you have an existing website.

  18. Do you design or develop adult web sites?

    No, we do not.

  19. What are your business hours?

    10am – 7pm CST.

  20. Can you expedite my project?

    We can. Let us know if you need your project completed quicker than our quick turn around times and we’ll be glad to work with you.

  21. Will you save my files so I have a backup?

    Yes. We will store the orginal files that we provide you upon project completion that you can ask us for copies at any time.



Our team will typically get back to you with more information within the same business day.

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